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Hellos and Goodbyes!!!

Have you ever lost your dear one?? Have you ever lost a friend, a family member, who was your support system?? And by losing I don’t just mean loss by death but I also mean separation. If you have lost someone close then you would be able to relate to the emptiness that I felt few years ago.

I feel all of us have at some point dealt with separation. Be it separation of a parent, of a friend, of a lover or of a mentor. It is surprising how at one point our life revolves around this one person and then suddenly we are left all alone to find our own path, our own destiny.

It is surprising that just few days back you were planning your future with this one person and suddenly he is gone and all you have left with you is this emptiness inside, this feeling of being alone, of having just “ME” and me alone. Suddenly you feel that you have no one to confide to and nobody to laugh with. You cannot just pick up your phone and call him when you need to have that “all important conversation” because he is gone. The moment you see his photos, you remember the time you spent together, the secrets you shared. You have a smile on your face when you think of how well he understood you & the secret language you shared that nobody would understand. You think of the way he smiled at you and the way he made you go weak in your knees just by looking at you for a split second. Every place you go, his memories haunt you and his face smiles at you, sometimes mocking you because you were stupid. You were stupid enough to forget yourself when with him. He laughs at you because you were so busy caring about “US” that you forgot about “ME”. He was busy making his life and you were busy making a life together and I think that’s where it all went wrong. You made him your life and he took a part of your soul when he went away. Do you remember how for days, you cried & for nights you didn’t sleep, thinking about how stupid you were, analyzing what did you do wrong? And there he slept in his bed thinking about how wrong you were. Finally everything boils down to this isn’t it? RIGHT & WRONG!!! It is important to know who was right & who was wrong. But if you ask me, it doesn’t matter. Finally what matters is that you lost; both of you lost.

But then as time passes by, you would realize that we didn’t actually lose, did we? Just think of the people you have lost in your life and analyze were they really that important? Have you really stopped living your life after you have lost them? Yes, at that point it must have felt like you have lost a part of your soul but aren’t you better off without them now? With every person you have lost in your life you have found a person who is worth living for. With every loss you have discovered a part of you that you could never have, had that person been around. Many a times, it felt like “Yes, this was how it was meant to be”. You must have realized that you are stronger, more determined & more prudent. You understand people better now & and understand yourself the best. You have come to realize your strength & weaknesses & use all of it to your advantage.

I once read ““There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you are the one that will change theirs” and now I understand this quote completely. Every person who was once a part of my journey had come with a purpose. Once they are done with their role, they move out & are replaced by someone who can take me to the next level of discovery. It is okay to lose a few friends & it is okay to get hurt but be careful that you do not miss the greater picture because that is what matters. It is “YOU” who should matter and not “THEM”.

Be strong; be bold because life is worth living and it is way more than one sad experience!! I hope you agree?


4 thoughts on “Hellos and Goodbyes!!!

  1. Shreya ! !
    What should I say

    This is one of the best reads I ever had

    Should mention your words have life in them; gave a feeling as if this is my reaction to a”Hello and Goodbye”

    Wonderfully drafted

    Awaiting for more:D😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice… Even I have lost one of my sweet friend… I’m still awaiting if that friend wants to come and talk to me… Cause some times hope keeps u alive… And u take more efforts making any relation so why simply brake it…


    1. Hey aniruddha glad u liked it!! I agree some relationships should not be broken but sometimes situation is not in your control!! I believe people who are meant to be in your life would find a way and a reason to stay!!


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